Signaling Columns

The Metzler LED signaling column aids in noticing visual and acoustical signals of disturbances on industrial installations and machinery. Their states can be signalised by up to five different colours, as well as an acoustical siren element.

The Metzler signaling column allows you to combine visual and acoustical elements flexibly according to your individual needs. It can be connected electrically and mechanically within seconds, thanks to a simple rotating lock. Metzler therefore combines excellent visibility with a quick installation and the highest degree of flexibility. Additionally, its is clearly visible from all positions.

Among the acoustical elements, you have the choice between sirens with continuous, pulsating, music, and high-frequency sound. These Signal elements consequently draw attention and protect people and machines from danger and risk.

We offer you all suitable components needed for a smooth assembly in our range of accessories. Connection and end elements are needed for the proper functioning of the signaling column. We additionally have a 6-core control cable available to allow you to connect and utilise your signaling column properly. We guarantee a long-lasting, care-free functionality for all our products,

There are very diverse application areas for our signaling columns. They additionally render numerous applications safe by warning, guiding, and protecting. Whether on industrial installations or machinery, buildings or in logistical applications. Accompanying processes, making them safe and thus keeping them running saves time and money.

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