Rotary & Key Switches

High-quality rotary switches with a precise actuation axis allow for the comfortable configuration of various switching states. Our models, available as rotary or key switches offer ultimate versatility. The round buttons with a diameter of 19-22mm are made of stainless steel and compliant with the IP67 standard for dust and water resistance and are also vandalism-proof in compliance with IK10. The connectors are soldered and have a latching switching action.

Stainless-steel Rotary Switches with two Positions

Our stainless-steel switches have two adjustable positions and are available with functions as NC, NO or changeover contact. By rotating the switch, certain switching actions can be activated. The white switch is easily visible on the round silver-coloured front panel and easy to use.

Stainless-steel Key Switches IP67

Our key switches are equally made from stainless steel compliant with IP67& IK10 and guarantee longevity and solidity. Consequently, our products are equally fit for outdoor use. The PIN contacts allow for an easy connection to pre-existing cables with the aid of cable lugs. Soldering is not necessary. Using a key prevents any accidental readjustment. Two blue keys are included in the scope of delivery.

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