About us

As one of the leading manufacturers of electrical stainless-steel switching elements and signaling columns, we are distributing our product range to you directly. Thanks to more than 8 years of experience with the distribution of stainless-steel switching elements through wholesale and retail, we in our online shop at Metzler-electronics.com can deliver more than 500 different models to you ex stock. With more than 500 000 articles in stock and a high manufacturing capacity, we are easily capable to supply even bulk purchasers from the manufacturing industry.

Our articles are manufactured in accordance with strict quality guidelines and consequently guarantee a long service life and optimal functionality, even under extreme operating conditions.

Equally, custom productions and bulk orders can be realised without problems, due to our own internal manufacturing and logistical capacities. We can gladly fulfill your annual requirement through weekly or monthly delivery. Feel free to contacts us to optimally plan and efficiently manage your ordering process.

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