LED Indicator lights

Our high-quality indicator lights allow you to implement clear visual signals. Their bright, easily discernable LEDs guarantee that users can notice immediately that technical devices or industrial machines are active. Our indicator lights are used in a large variety of areas, be it in household items (e.g. in stoves or dishwashers), in automation or computer technology or in vehicle technology.
We offer you a wide range of indicator lights with an installation diameter of  Ø 6-30 mm in several LED colours. The head has a flat shape and is made of stainless steel, guaranteeing premier quality. For professional applications, count on indicator lights by Metzler.

Indicator Lights with blue/yellow/red/white/green LED Illumination

Choose our LED indicator lights in five attractive colours – the reliable choice for your trade. Our indicator lights offer the highest possible quality, longevity, and definitive performance. With an installation diameter of Ø 6 mm to 30 mm, a flat head shape, and precise spotlight illumination, they are suited for various applications. The lights can be powered with LED tensions of 6-24 V, and some models with up to 230V. Discover the multiple possible uses of these high-quality indicator lights for your company.

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