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Your partner for B2B momentary & latching switching solutions

With more than 500.000 articles permanently in stock, Metzler GmbH is your reliable partner for momentary and latching push buttons, indicator lights and accessories. We count the automotive industry as well as the biggest names among Germany’s mid-sized companies among our clients. Order your switching elements from and profit from the highest quality and a fast delivery.

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Boat construction

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Product Categories at – Your online shop for stainless-steel switching elements with LED illumination and signaling columns

Welcome to our B2B online shop for electrical control elements by Metzler Electronics! Discover our high-quality momentary and latching LED push buttons, rotary and key switches, LED indicator lights and signaling columns from our enormous product range. Thanks to years of experience, we have focused on high-quality push buttons, both momentary and latching, in protection classes IP67 & IK 10, as our specialty. Since different voltages are required depending on the application purpose, we offer you switching elements for 6-24 V direct current (DC), as well as 230 V alternating current (AC). The switching capacity of our stainless-steel switching elements is usually 3A / 250 V AC.

Momentary push buttons close a contact only while they are being pushed – they return to their original position when they are released. Latching push buttons stay in position after being pushed and close a contact permanently until being pushed again.
As a manufacturer and importer, we offer you attractive prices, skipping intermediary wholesalers, a large selection of around 500 different electrical control elements and high availability of our products.

Overview of your advantages:

Variety and Flexibility:
Pick a product suitable for your purpose from our wide range of technical variants. You have the choice between momentary & latching push buttons, which can function as NC, NO and changeover contacts, uni- & bipolar control elements with an installation diameter of 12mm to 40mm and much more. You will find control elements exactly fit for your purpose here.

Individual B2B solutions for every client:
Unable to find a suitable product? We offer custom B2B solutions for every customer and a minimum order of least 400 units. This allows you to receive exactly the control elements that you need for your specific applications.

Quality and longevity:
Our control elements distinguish themselves by an impressive service life of at least 100,000 electrical operations and at least 1,000,000 mechanical operations. The push button itself is made of V4A stainless steel and the body is made of V2A stainless steel, ensuring the durability and reliability of our articles.

High supply capability:
With over 500,000 articles permanently in stock, we guarantee a high shipping capability and consequently a rapid delivery. In 80% of cases, your article(s) will be shipped on the day of purchase in our online shop.

Safety and durability:
Our control elements are vandalism-proof in compliance with IK10 and water- and dust-proof in accordance with IP67. Performance of the highest caliber and reliability are ensured, even under extreme conditions.

Innovative Illumination Options:
Choose between circular, spotlight, or symbol LED illumination in the following colours: White, green, red, blue, yellow, and RGB. Our control elements are not only functional, but also visually appealing.

Areas of application:
Our products are perfectly suited for automation technology, machine engineering, storage systems, boat & yacht construction, and many application areas more. All our stainless-steel switching elements are sweater-proof and will satisfy even the highest standards.

Discover the world of electrical control elements and trust in our years of experience and expertise. Order today and benefit from our high-quality products!

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